Project Description

Kapsali – Agios Ioannis En Krimno – Moulin de Apokleistra – Kapsali

This short walk around the picturesque bay of Kapsali unravels more “secrets” of Kythera than one would expect! Starting from the pier, next to the church of Agios Georgios and the lighthouse, at the low hills which separate the twin bays, the route follows the esplanade and then ascends in a northerly direction. From the warm microclimate of the beach (“Kapsali” comes from the verb “kapsalizo”, which means to burn or scorch), the route passes through the cool pine forest, following the old trail, in order to arrive to the sheer rocks of Agios Ioannis En Krimno. It is a unique monastic complex which consists of the cave church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, ruined cells where monks used to live and an old guesthouse. According to the local legend, Agios Ioannis Theologos stayed there for some time and conceived the Apocalypse before he travelled to Patmos, to write it. The view from there justifies the inspiration…

Under the shade of pine trees, the path passes by the public campsite and the beautiful chapel of Agios Nikolaos. Moving on from there, the landscape becomes rural with olive groves and fields. An offshoot trail serpentines through a small cedar forest to reach the wild seascapes of Sgouritsi cove, adorned with sharp rocks, cliffs and caves. The brave ones can have a swim in the sea. The main trail carries on in the arid landscape of Apokleistra, where the lonesome windmill and the miller’s house still stand, indicating that this area was heavily used in the past. An important testimony to the use of this trail towards the windmill is also the engraving of Edward Lear (1863) which depicts Kytherian farmers and a loaded donkey, with Kapsali and the Castle of Chora in the backdrop
At the end of the downslope from the windmill to the sea, lies Lazareto, an impressive building, which was constructed during the British rule, and was used as a quarantine for the seamen disembarking on Kythera. The route ends up at the starting point with a beautiful coastal walk at the always serene Piso Gialo bay.

Technical Facts

Walking time2h
  Distance4,2 km
Difficulty level1/5
  Technical difficultyWalk
  Uphill197 m
  Downhill197 m
  Highest point87 m
  Lowest point2 m
  Elevation curve
type-of-terrainTerrain type

Footpath 38%
Dirt Road 28%
Tarmac 34%

Trail features

Family friendly
Swiming possibility
Coastal parts


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