Project Description

The strategic location of Kythera did not stay unnoticed by the Germans during World War II. It is not a coincidence that the first landing of allied forces in Greece took place in Kapsali, on September 15 1944. The cape of Trachilas, which defines the western side of Kapsali bay, was chosen by the Wehrmacht as the place to set its anti-aircraft machine guns. A road was constructed, so that the facilities (buildings and tunnels) of the German Army could be built. This road is now part of trail M04, unveiling the impressive view of the whole settlement of Chora. Starting from the central square, the route crosses alleyways with almond trees and carob trees and meets the dirt road at the location of Kouri.

Long before the Germans, the fishermen, and more specifically the “melanourades” (the fishermen of the saddled seabream), would use the trails of this area, leading to numerous “patimata”, which are steep craggy spots next to the sea, ideal for fishing saddled seabreams (“melanouria”). One of these footpaths crosses remarkable seascapes and ends at the tip of the cape, which is connected with the rest of the island via a narrow strip of land, named Diakopi. It is a difficult downhill trail, which requires light scrambling at points. The narrow path that crosses Trachilas has a great view of Kapsali and the Castle.
The return to Chora passes through the beautiful trail of Agios Minas, as the catholic monastery of San Martino was renamed. The cemetery of Chora and the wells which have been supplying for centuries the local residents with water are at the same location. The trail ascends back to the square of the village through the beautiful alleyways of Varypatianika neighbourhood.

Technical Facts

Walking time1h45′
  Distance5,3 km
Difficulty level1/5 (5/5 Germanika – Trachilas)
  Technical difficultyLight Scramble
at points
  Uphill  312 m
  Downhill  312 m
  Highest point163 m
  Lowest point5 m
  Elevation curve
type-of-terrainTerrain type

Footpath 56%
Dirt Road 34%
Tarmac 10%

Trail features

Family friendly
Swiming possibility
Coastal parts


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